Avon Brochures

Campaign #22 brochures suggested prices are in effect until October 20th 2010. Anyone in Canada can place an order with me. Please make sure to send your order to me by October 20th at 9PM EST. Click on the envelop icon at the top of each brochure to contact me and make your order.

Avon’s Main Brochure #22: http://www.ca.avon.com/PRSuite/eBrochure.page?index=1&cmpgnYrNr=201022

Mark Magalog #22:  http://www.ca.avon.com/PRSuite/eBrochure.page?index=3&cmpgnYrNr=201022

Outlet #22: http://www.ca.avon.com/PRSuite/eBrochure.page?index=4&cmpgnYrNr=201022

Expressions #22: http://www.ca.avon.com/PRSuite/eBrochure.page?index=5&cmpgnYrNr=201022

NHL Catalog #22: http://www.ca.avon.com/PRSuite/eBrochure.page?index=7&cmpgnYrNr=201022


4 Responses to “Avon Brochures”

  1. Brenda Riley Says:


    I am trying to locate the capaign # that had Mario doing all of the comments. I placed an order and cannot remember what the # was. If I knew the #, I might be able to research and find the brochure on-line. Can you help. I placed my order on 2-20-10, if that helps. I know it was not 1, 5, 6, 7,8. Thanks, Brenda

  2. Sandra Says:

    hi i need campaing 11,2010 brochure please

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