Avon Campaign #26 – My Top 10 Buys for Under $30

Welcome to Avon’s campaign #26!  Don’t forget I will wrap any items you buy from me that are holiday gifts for any of your family or friends. Just let me know and I’ll do my best to find a way to wrap it for you so you don’t have to! Below are my top 10 buys from this brochure. Simply click the picture above and an e-brochure will open up in another browser so you may follow along. To view the other brochures valid during this campaign. Please refer to another page on my blog called Avon Brochures. You’ll find it at the top right of my blog. The suggested retail prices for campaign #26 expire on December 16, 2009. To place an order with me, simply click on the envelop located at the top near the right of the e-brochure when you open it up. Thank you for taking the time to browse around. Shop Avon with me anytime!  

Click to View Brochure #26


 1- Pages 2-3: Mirror Shine Sparkle Bangle Watch. Comes in purple, blue, green and pink. Great as a gift for teens. Will be $39.99. Get it now at the introductory price of $19.99 each!  

2- Page 36: Executive Digital Money Jar. Automatically tracks your savings. Save for a rainy day or for when you’re ready to take a trip. Can hold over $500! This is the last time it will be in brochures. On sale for $19.99.  

3- Page 37: Ice Traction Slip-Ons: The winter weather is coming. Reduce the chances of slipping and falling this season. Stretches to fit over your footwear. For Men and women. On sale, $9.99 a pair.  

4- Page 51: Nail Experts Strong Results Length & Strength Complex. Avon’s best nail strengthener of 2009! On sale in this campaign for $4.99.  

5- Pages 64-65: It’s a Fragrance Festival! For him and her. Your Choice of any two fragrances for $14.99.  

6- Page 123: Roots Wallet on a String. This mini bag can hold a whole lot. Including your phone. Great for when you go shopping or if you’re in big crowds. Wear over your body to know where your bag is at all times. Will only be in one campaign only! On sale for $9.99.  

7- Page 174: Curves Talking Pedometer. Why wait until the new year to get in shape. Get stepping and start now. Save $5.00 and get your pedometer for $14.99. PLUS, with any Curves purchase from pages 174-179 get 2 weeks FREE membership for you and a friend!  

8- Page 191: Naturals Gifts Sets: Each 5-piece set includes; shower gel, body lotion, body spray, shower poof and drawstring bag. Cucumber Melon, Banana & Coconut, Pomegranate & Mango. Last time they will be in the brochure. $12.99 each set.  

9- Page 199: Avon’s Moisture Therapy Creams (1 Litre) are back on sale. A,C,E, Pro-Vitamin Complex and Oatmeal. Save more than 50%! Each on sale for $9.99.  

10- Pages 210-211 Skin So Soft & Sensual. Replenishing Body lotion, Replenishing Hand Cream, Gelled Body Oil, Moisterizing Shower Gel. Get all 4 for $10!!


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