Campaign #24 – My Top 10 Buys For Under $30

avon catalog #24

Main Brochure #24

If you do not have brochure #24 in front of you, I suggest you open another browser. Go to and click on Avon Brochures (to the top right of the page). Click on Main Brochure (first link) and follow along with me. Ready? Ok, let’s begin!

  1. Pages 12-13; Avon is infamous for bubble bath. 8 different ones to choose from including Vanilla Frosting Bubble Bath. Jumbo size (700 ml) for only $5.99 each.
  2. Page 23; Embellished Multi-Circle Necklace is on sale for $14.99. I have this and will be raffling it off at the end of the month. Anyone who ordered Avon from me during campaign #23 and this one #24 will automatically be entered into the draw. A name will be chosen at random at the end of the month.
  3. Pages 48-49; Glimmersticks For Brows, Eyes and Lips. $7.99 each. Buy 1 and get 2 FREE! Excellent buy for all those holiday looks you want to create.
  4. Pages 50-51; Remember the Mascara guide I posted? Well Now you can get your mascara on sale! Save up to 55%.
  5. Page 89; For those that get that shine on their face due to combination or oily skin, put a few of these in your purse. Facial Oil Blotting Papers (50 sheets) are on sale for $4.99.
  6. Pages 144-145; Hot and Cold Dips. 3 per package, $6.99 each. Watch my video review #2 (last post) to hear what I have to say about these dips.
  7. Page 147; I love multi-functional products. This Floral Fondue Set can convert into a cold dip holder as well. The set is $24.99.
  8. Page 153; Another Christmas item. Glass Angel Gift Set. Only $10 taxes included!
  9. Page 176; This Household Hints Set will save you money. 3 things everyone should have in their house are baking soda, vinegar and salt. You can do so much with these 3 cheap household items. Over 300 helpful hints. All 3 books for only $9.99.
  10. Page 211; It’s flu season so be prepared! Natural Antibacterial Hand Gel-Trial Size. They are mini in size and great for when you’re on the go! I have all the scents and my favorite is Gardenia. On sale for only $0.99 each! Get one in each scent.

You know what to do if you’d like to order. Click on the envelop at the top of the brochure to send your order my way if you’re in the Montreal area. If you are not, please refer to my online shopping website so you can shop with me online and get your order delivered to your door! Contact me if you have any questions.


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