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In Brochure #24

Have you seen the new page I added today? Look above and you’ll see, Avon Brochures. This is where I will post the current Avon brochures in effect. So every 2-3 weeks it will be changed. Check back to see what’s new. Right now I have 2 more days left to get in my orders from the #23 brochures. So I have added all the #24 ones on that page. If you’d still like to order something from me from any of the #23 brochures, please let me know.

My Avon party on Saturday went well. New customers and overall everyone had a good time. Had snack foods and a bottle of bubbly. If I can suggest anything, it would have to be the dips in the main brochure #24. They are so good. Both the hot and cold ones. One packet makes a lot too.

Last week I was sick for most of the week so I haven’t had the chance to make any new video reviews yet. I’ll do some in the next few days. Promise! 🙂


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