Choosing YOUR Foundation

Avon Foundation

Avon Foundation

Out of all the products you can apply to your face to enhance your own beauty, foundation has to be the hardest one to choose. First you have to know what your skin type is. Do you want light, medium or full coverage? Do you need a concealer and/or loose powder? Have you found the right colour to blend with your skin tone? Here is a hint for the last question. When you try foundations, do it along your jaw line. It has to blend in with the colour of your neck too. Unless you like walking around with a mask on. Or you are about to go on stage and perform for Cirque du Soleil. You get my point.

For me, I have oily to combination skin. So the best kind of foundation for me is a cream-to-powder. For those who have sensitive skin, mineral makeup is your best bet. Take a look at my Avon foundation guide. I’m sure it will help you make the right decision for yourself. If you have any questions or want to oder, contact me for information.

Avon Foundation Guide


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